What is derma rolling
Dermarolling is a process that uses these microneeedles to create tiny punctures on the skin which triggers skin repair. This leads to the body making new collagen. By doing this, proteins called amino-acids, build up in the collagen. This is the part of the connective tissue that helps in tightening , firmness, suppleness, and elasticity in skin.. This process vertically exfoliates the skin for a firmer, smoother appearance.
Is rolling painful
This is a difficult question to answer & I would be lying to you if I said there was no feeling but everybody has a different pain threshold and tolerance. Personally as a skin care professional & lover of micro needling my feedback & the majority of ladies who use it is NOe...
Where can I roll my body
The most popular target areas are on the face , neck and décolleté, tummy & hands. The only place we don’t roll is on sensitive, compromised skin, which includes eyelids, open wounds, active acne (anything that’s causing broken skin) and raised surfaces like moles.
How long until I see results
Ladies have reported noticeable compliments in as little as 1 treatment as soon as the micro injuries and redness subsides
How often should I use this to make me look younger
Every bodies skin is different due to different factors such as age, concerns & what you are looking to achieve. It can vary from monthly to weekly rolling and in some cases once every 6 months. Begin with rolling just once a week with the 0.5mm and 1-3 times a week with your 0.2mm dermaroller or dermapen and assess your skins tolerance. * Please use caution with your dermaroller, gauge skin reaction and alter usage per your results.
How many times can I use my roller
Our clients have stated that on average that they get between 30-60 days from their roller before they have to replace it.
Can I use the Image A.D.S if I have filler/botox
The answer is yes! You can use the Image A.D.S if you have filler. Just stick to one golden rule: You have to wait 4 weeks after the filler is injected to ensure it does not move around when derma rolling the skin. A huge advantage of using the Image A.D.S correctly with filler is that you can actually get longer out of your filler as your body is naturally producing more collagen. **Consumer Warning** Just because a Doctor or Nurse recommends toxic and harmful chemicals does not mean it is right**
What is the best serum to use
There is no generic answer to this. As we are ALWAYS saying, skincare is personal and never generic. With this in mind, the most suitable serum would be the what ever suites your skin type best but we narrowed it down . It is suitable for all skin types. A Hyaluronic Serum.
Can I use the dermaroller over acne
This is a great affordable device to help with acne scarring and pitting. It also helps even out your skin tone. However you should NEVER perform a treatment if you have active acne, cold sores or abnormal skin disease.
How do I use the Image A.D.S with rosacea
You can use the Image A.D.S over mild rosacea that is not active to improve complexion, fine lines, wrinkles acne scarring & overall rejuvenation. If you have active rosacea then derma rollering is not suitable in this period of time while active.
Caring for your Image A.D.S Dermaroller
As is always the case in treatment with home rollers, the importance of cleanliness cannot be overstated. Remember to only treat dry, healthy, cleansed skin. Make sure your Image A.D.S is disinfected. We recommend 70% isopropyl alcohol. You should also be careful about the manner in which you store your Image A.D.S. Use the accompanying protective case to ensure your roller remains clean and intact.
Can I use the Image A.D.S whilst pregnant
The roller can be effective on reducing the appearance of stretchmarks. However, rolling while pregnant is never recommended
Experience redness & sensation that feels like sunburn? Is this normal
Yes, both of these outcomes are typical reactions of home rolling. The longer the needle tip, the longer these responses might last, because of deeper penetration. In general redness should last no longer than 12 hours, and the “sunburn” sensation should last no more than 24 hours.
Can I use my own skincare products after rolling
Yes you can of course. We just recommend that if they contain active ingredients to wait at least 48 hours or until the skin returns to normal.
What size rollers do you offer
We have two sizes of home dermarollers being a 0.2mm & a 0.5mm. We also have a home derma pen which is 0.2mm.
Is there anything that I should totally avoid with Image A.D.S
Avoid any active serums for at least 48 hours. Do not roll over inflammatory acne and/or open skin wounds Suffer from skin disease and/or excessive scarring Or pregnant or breastfeeding.