Image A.D.S Dermarollers & The Benefits to Your Skin

Before we explain how and what dermarolling really is, lets explain what the Image A.D.S dermaroller is and what it is for.  The Image A.D.S dermaroller is a handheld needling roller device which is rolled on  the surface of  skin. This creates tiny punctures on the skin which triggers skin repair. This leads to the body making new collagen. By doing this, proteins called  amino-acids, build up in the collagen. This is the part of the connective tissue that helps in tightening , firmness, suppleness, and elasticity in skin.

A short-term controlled injury to the skin is the purpose of applying a dermaroller to your skin. The reason why is to trigger the protein in our skin for the production of healthier younger looking complexion.Consider dermarolling your skin to a body workout at the gym. You create a micro injury to your muscles while working out in the gym resulting in muscle repair strengthening and tightening. This is not a direct comparison but I hope you see the picture I am paining. 

Our home rollers come in different size needles ranging from all the way up to 0.5mm. There are a lot of people providing false information about choosing the correct needle size. What we recommend is or anything under is perfect for at home rolling. Needle size over 0.5mm, we would recommend going to a professional.
Image A.D.S 0.5mm Home Roller

Image A.D.S 0.2mm Home Roller

Image A.D.S 0.2mm Dermapen

What Are The Benefits Of Using Image A.D.S?

Although we have detailed the benefits of using Image A.D.S to some extent above, the truth is that their benefits are plentiful. It has to be more than just a how-to paragraph. Whether you suffer wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, weak skin, scarring, aged-looking skin, and more – it’s hard to imagine a skin ailment that you can’t remedy or at the least improve via Image A.D.S Home rollers.

With that being said, derma rolling should never be performed on any kind of open wound or skin blemish. It would be counterproductive, to say the least, to puncture or further inflame existing wounds – allow irritated areas of the skin to heal before using your dermaroller. Originally, this technique was exclusive to dermatologists, but now that we have at-home versions, it’s important to know exactly how it works

The number of benefits Image A.D.S can treat are plentiful.
Anyone who wants to reduce Wrinkles
Anyone who wants to reduce Fine Lines
Anyone who wants to reduce Crows Feet
Anyone who has Mature Skin
Anyone that is looking to reduce Stretch Marks
Anyone that is looking to reduce Acne Scarring
Anyone that is looking to reduce Smokers Lines
Anyone looking to Stimulates new collagen
Anyone looking to Plump Their Skin & Lips
Anyone with Uneven Skin Tone/Texture
Makes Your Skincare Products 100X More Effective by passing surface level skin.

We are that confident that our products will deliver results to your skin that we offer a full 60 day money back guarantee, meaning that if you use our products for 60 days and do not see a difference in your skin, you get a full refund and you can even keep your roller.

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